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Monique talks racism on campuses
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Monique talks Bill Cosby

Monique talks Boston Bomber Trial
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Monique talks Bill Cosby

Monique on poverty
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Monique talks Bill Cosby
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Monique Pressley does a masterful job of turning the conversation to the message that she and the Cosby defense team want to deliver

Her name is Monique Pressley, and as a singular figure – she is pretty damn impressive.


Monique Pressley, is the real life Olivia Pope meets Annalise Keating.


You know, Monique Pressley, I never heard of you before this, but just listening to you just now, I think Bill Cosby has chosen a very good attorney because you broke that down.

The Root

Monique Pressley is a badass. And choosing her to represent him may have been the smartest thing he's done since A Different World.


There's no doubt, Monique Pressley is poised to become the Johnnie Cochran of this era.

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